Missouri is an agricultural state with more than 100,000 farms situated on more than 28 million acres of farmland. Southeast Missouri, with its abundance of farmland, is integral to the equation and our district alone is home to farms that produce rice, cotton, corn, wheat, soybeans and dairy. Our ag producers feed and clothe the world.

Regulations and government mandates, however, threaten our vital ag economy daily. In Jefferson City, I fight tirelessly for agriculture, knowing that it is the heart and soul of our rural economy.



We have an obligation to explore and use every natural resource we have in America, including oil and natural gas. Radical environmentalists have made it their priority to end American domestic energy production. Such wrongheaded thinking has created a national security risk and I gladly fight the ridiculous attacks made by environmentalists at every opportunity in Jefferson City.



Education is one of my highest priorities.  Every year since I was elected, we have increased funding for education. But I also am a firm believer that four-year colleges are not for every child and realize that vocational schools are equally important. Ensuring that all children in the Bootheel have access to a good education is important to me.

I know that properly educating our district's young people is key to getting our more impoverished areas turned around.



Small businesses are under assault from government intrusion and over-regulation. As the previous Chairwoman of Economic Development and current Chairwoman of Rules and Administrative Oversight, my focus in Jefferson City has been to make our state as business friendly as possible. I have been a leader in the fight to make Missouri known for being open for business!

My priority remains reducing burdensome government regulations for businesses so that our state will attract new industry.


Government Accountability

On the federal and state levels, legislators have fallen down on the job and failed to fulfill their constitutional duty of oversight. Bureaucratic departments have swollen to become so large and complex they may seem impossible to tackle. However, it is our responsibility to make certain our tax payer dollars are spent wisely and in a manner that is fiscally prudent. Missouri’s tax credit system is just one example of an area that is in need of major reform. I, for one, consider it corporate welfare.

I will continue working to rein in this system of the government picking winners and losers.



As a Christian, a mother and a grandmother, I believe there can be no debate – life begins at conception. We have an all-powerful God and, time and again, we hear amazing stories of God’s miraculous power. Taking the life of an unborn baby is playing God and I will continue to vote my conscience on this issue every time.



How do we repay someone who has laid down their life to protect ours? The truth is, we can't, not fully.

I come from a long military line, dating back as far as the Revolutionary War. Our veterans hold a special place in my heart. As the granddaughter of CUCM Roy Otis Chaney, USNR-RET, I will proudly stand by and support our veterans at every given opportunity.

Their sacrifice and courage should never be forgotten or taken lightly.



Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) are state-run electronic programs that include a patient’s schedule 2 – 4 prescriptions. PDMPs are among the most promising state-level interventions to improve painkiller prescribing, inform clinical practice, and protect patients at risk. They can identify early signs of addiction, such as doctor-shopping, and can prevent doctors from accidently prescribing a drug that could be lethal in combination with another drug the patient is taking. Missouri is the ONLY state without one, and I will continue to work to passing legistation to enact a PDMP in Missouri. LEARN MORE


Gun Rights

I believe that the 2nd Amendment is about our right to liberty. I am a proud member of the NRA and I also have my Missouri Concealed Carry Permit. As your Representative, I stand and defend our rights to purchase, possess and use firearms without government intrusion.

Holly Rehder, state representative, 148th District paid for by friends of Holly Rehder, Lisa Neumeyer, Treasurer
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