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Capitol Report - Celebrating Christmas

Reflecting on Christmases Past

I love the saying “hindsight is 20/20”.  Now that I’m a little older, a little wiser, and all my babies have grown up, I can see how true that statement really is.   It’s fun to reminisce about the past with the kids.  Every Sunday afternoon we have family dinner and all the big kids come home to hang out.  Kayden, my grandson, especially loves this as he thinks he’s a big kid too.  We usually end up laughing and telling stories about when they were little.  Kayden, at just 7 years old, even has his own stories now and joins right in!

As I was thinking about Christmas this year it finally hit me.  None of our fun stories are about some super present or expensive gift they received.  Every last story the kids tell, and we all laugh and laugh about, are about times that our family was together.  Vacations, family meals, family card games, backyard bonfires, etc.  Isn’t that funny?  As parents we seem to stress over what to get each one of them from the time they can barely walk.  Worried if we can afford, and find, what they hope for.  As I look back over the past 30 years I’m happy to see that the things they truly remember and cherish are our family times together.  I also want to add that even our many memories that weren’t so fun or great at the time, we look back on and talk about them in love as a testament that with God, love can heal all wounds.

As I write this to you today my babies are stirring all over the house.  The grown ones and the one who thinks he’s grown.  With this renewed focus I’ve made a few changes this year.  I’ve decided to put my time and energy into making sure we are all together as much as possible, that we have two fresh decks of cards for some competitive games of Nertz, and that I have batteries for my camera.

I wish each of you a blessed and merry Christmas and pray you get to enjoy some time with your families.  I hope you find this Christmas note thought provoking and as a small token of hard earned wisdom this not-so-young lady can now share.


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