Holly has filed The Narcotics Control Act for several years now because addiction and drug abuse has reached epidemic proportions and is ruining the lives of our families.  Currently, Missouri is the only state that hasn’t passed this important legislation.  However, we do have a very workable plan moving across the state as our counties are joining together in creating a state-wide PDMP.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) is necessary to allow our physicians and pharmacists to prescribe the most commonly abused or misused narcotics safely and accurately.  PDMPs have proven successful in curtailing doctor shopping (where a person goes to multiple doctors to receive multiple prescriptions for the same controlled substances, examples: pain killers such as hydrocodone and oxycodone, stimulants typically for ADHD like Adderall, and benzodiazephines such as Valium).  PDMPs have also proven successful in increasing patient care and lowering overdose rates.

•   Since Kentucky’s PDMP took effect in 2012, they have seen a decrease in “doctor shopping” by 52%.  (“Kentucky House Bill 1 Impact Evaluation”, Univ. of Kentucky, March 2015)

•   A California survey of physicians showed 74% had changed their prescribing practices to increase patient care.  91% of those physicians rated the help of their PDMP in maintaining the care and health of their patient as good to excellent. (Briefing on PDMP Effectiveness, dated Sept 2014, Center of Excellence, Brandeis University)

•   Since Florida implemented PDMP, deaths related to oxycodone overdoses dropped 41%.  (Briefing on PDMP Effectiveness, dated Sept 2014, Center of Excellence, Brandeis University)

Holly will continue to work diligently to get this life saving legislation passed.  However, she needs your help! Ask your county to pass a local PDMP ordinance and to join the county effort.  For more information, go to http://www.stlouisco.com/HealthandWellness/PDMP.  Over 85% of Missourians are now in counties that have joined, but this is only a little over 50% of our actual counties.  This is a tool our clinicians need to help prevent the devastation that drug addiction causes.  Join us in this fight!

Paid for by Friends of Holly Rehder, Lisa Neumeyer, Treasurer.

Holly Rehder, state representative, 148th District paid for by friends of Holly Rehder, Lisa Neumeyer, Treasurer
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