Meet Holly
As a compelling voice in the cable telecommunications industry for many years, Holly Rehder stands for the very things that has made America great: hard work, personal responsibility and small business.

Holly began her career in the mailroom at Galaxy Cablevision at just 20 years of age. For the next 14 years, she worked her way up through operations, customer service management, and government affairs. In 2000, she was elected to the Board of Directors for Women in Cable and Telecommunications and was their Shining Star Scholarship recipient. Following in 2001, Holly was honored with Galaxy Cablevision’s Chairman Award for her years of hard work and dedication.

Holly’s interest in the political process began when she took the position of Galaxy Cablevision’s Director of Government Affairs. As Director of Government Affairs, she worked with local community governments, building relationships and attending City Hall meetings for the renewal or transfer of cable television franchises. In 2003, Holly was elected to the Missouri Cable Telecommunications Association Board of Directors where she lobbied the Missouri State Legislature in regard to House and Senate bills affecting the Missouri cable television industry. Through this position, she realized how vital it is to not only stay abreast of legislative actions that affect our lives and our livelihood, but to also have a voice in this process.