Protecting the interests of every generation, caring for our seniors and stopping the scare tactics. Listening to and understanding the needs of our small businesses. Proud of our communities and interested in advancing the district economically while preserving our rural way of life. Staunch supporter of conceal and carry and protecting our second amendment right to protect ourselves. Deeply rooted in community, with a working appreciation for what it takes to pursue the American dream. Learning, understanding and listening to the challenges of our farmers.

As a fifth generation Southeast Missourian, I’m proud to say I have deep roots in the 148th district. To me, faith and family come first. Ray and I have attended and raised our family at Life Church for over 20 years now.

Many people are talked into running for public office. That is not the case with me. For many years now, I have helped conservative candidates get elected and reelected. I have worked in Jefferson City fighting legislation that would hurt my personal business, Integrity Communications, as well as small businesses in general. Having a bird’s eye view of how high the stakes are; I have relished the opportunity to get off the sidelines and get into the trenches to fight.

I feel very strongly about the conservative course our state needs to stay on. Many have lost the understanding of ‘personal responsibility’ and because of this we find ourselves in an entitlement-minded society. I take strong offense to our government playing the role of Robin Hood.

I came from a modest home and I believe in the American dream. I’m not a politician; I’m a Christian, a wife, a mother, and business owner with the time and desire to continue the fight in Jefferson City. I know I can bring a fresh perspective and energy to our state government and I would truly appreciate your vote.